Reptile Vivarium Ceramic Heat Emitters 200W White Screw Type ES27 1″


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Ceramic Heat Emitter white cone type rated at 200W. Screw size is E27 (25mm – 1″ diameter). Ideal for creating hot spots in a Vivarium, brooders, hatcheries, etc. Ceramic heaters produce radiant heat using broader sun-like spectrum of infrared radiation, which is the most important and natural source for heat regulation in reptiles. Ceramic heaters also emit no visible light. Very efficient at warming reptiles due to the long wavelength of infrared heat produced. It also increases the ambient air-temperature in the Vivarium or terrarium. Infrared heat penetrates the scales and skin tissue, promoting good health in Reptiles. Size; 90mm diameter x 130mm long.

  • Ceramic Heater Cone Shape
  • Rated at 200W
  • Screw Fitting (ES) E27 – 1″ diameter.
  • Size 90mm diameter, 130mm long.
  • Finished in white.