Our K9 “YELLOW” Anti Bark Collar. Small Dog Bark Collar. Sound and Vibration Pain Free Anti Bark Collar.


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Train your dog’s behavior with a safe bark collar that helps them learn without hurting their bodies or their confidence.

Whether you’re looking to keep your dog more audibly obedient, but don’t want to turn to painful methods of shock therapy or spiky choke chains, choose a humane, safe choice with the Our K9 Vibration Bark Collar. A unique pet collar that uses Vibration to help them know when they shouldn’t bark, you can train your dog on the leash, at the dog park or at home so they stay quiet whenever someone visits, walks by or even says hello. You love your dog, but you don’t have to love how loud they are. Get the Our K9 Bark Collar and provide them with safe, gentle reminders not to bark excessively so you can enjoy more peace and quiet.

Product Details:

  • Nine (9) Sizes from Toy to Large
  • Fit Puppies and Dogs from 4 lbs. to 100 lbs.
  • Comfortable, Form Fit Design
  • Safe Vibration Training
  • Reflective for Low Light Safety
  • Includes Spare Batteries
  • Unit Weight: 24.7 grams or 0.87 oz.
  • BONUS: Each order comes with 3 comprehensive dog training EBooks


Help training the perfect dog with a bark collar that’s safe, easy to use, and helps break bad habits. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to start your training immediately.

  • ✔ • PAIN FREE DESIGN – Uses Sound First then Vibration to provide safe training cues. This Collar Comes Fully Assembled. It has a Built in Change Battery Alarm which is a CONTINUOUS BEEP. The Collar CANNOT be set off by another dog, It works off Air pressure and NOT Sound. This is a Training Collar to assist you in Training Your Dog that Excessive Barking will Not be Tolerated.
  • ✔ • ALLOWS NORMAL DOG BEHAVIOUR – All Our K9 Anti-Bark Collars allow your dog to bark but NOT excessively. The first 2 Barks a Sound warning is issued. The 3rd Bark Correction is issued.
  • ✔ • ALL Our K9 No Bark Collars come with Comprehensive Users E-Manuals + Instructional and Training Videos. Your User E-Manual will be sent to you by E Mail. This will allow for Translation, enlarging font size, movement between phone, tablet and laptop. We do not put instructions in the box.
  • ✔ • CHOOSE THE CORRECT BARK COLLAR – Our K9 has 9 (nine) different Anti Bark Collars ranging from Toy (4 lbs.) to Large (100 lbs.) to ensure they fit and are correctly suitable for your particular dog needs. SORRY BUT THIS COLLAR IS NOT SUITABLE FOR A HAVANESE, DACHSHUNDS OR POMERANIAN.
  • ✔ • ONE YEAR WARRANTY – Comes with a 1-year unlimited warranty and a 30-day risk free guarantee. ADDITIONAL GUIDES – Our K9 actively encourage all responsible dog owners to train their dogs correctly and included 3 extra dog training e-books free of charge.