Omega 3 – Fish Oil – 180 Capsules – 1000mg Per Serving, 6 months supply – high concentration of DHA and EPA – The best for maintaining Cardiovascular Health – Joint Health – Supports Brain Health – Immune System Boost – Feel Good Gold Omega 3.


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You will Be Happy When Your Doctor Says, “What are you taking that is lowering your cholesterol?!?”

You read that correct! Many people use Omega 3 Fish Oil Soft Gels to Lower Cholesterol, Increase Brain Function, Benefit Heart Health, and for Women Decrease Menstrual Cramps, plus many other ailments! Yes your body needs these Omega-3 oils called DHA and EPA!

Don’t I already Get Omega-3 Oils From My Diet?

Most people who eat a Western diet don’t get the Omega-3′s EPA and DHA that their body needs to function properly. Though most healthy bodies can convert ALA (another Omega-3) into EPA and DHA, the conversion process is unreliable and inefficient. You’d need a huge ALA intake in order to have enough to create an adequate supply of DHA and EPA. Our supplement is an easy, affordable way to make up for this deficiency without radically changing your diet.

Are There Any Other Benefits To Taking Feel Good Gold Omega-3?

Omega-3 including EPA and DHA are required by your body in order to perform many life-sustaining functions like:• Heart health

• Immune health

• Fetal development

• Eye health

• Obesity prevention

• Healthy skin and hair

• To prevent depression

• To prevent cognitive decline

• Don’t Take Our Word for It?!

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  • WHY FEEL GOOD GOLD OMEGA-3 EPA-DHA? Omega-3′s are a group of essential fatty acids that your body needs in order to function properly. The two Omega-3′s that most people don’t get enough of are DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). Our supplements contain these two powerhouse fatty acids in their preformed state, making them extremely bioavailable.
  • HERE DO OUR OMEGA-3′S COME FROM? Our Omega-3 EPA-DHA supplements are made using fish oil from the best sources: herring, anchovies, salmon and mackerel.
  • WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF OMEGA 3 EPA DHA SUPPLEMENTS? Omega 3 including EPA and DHA are required by your body in order to perform many life-sustaining functions. Here are just a few functions that your body needs these Omega-3′s for: Heart health, Immune health, Fetal development, Eye health, Obesity prevention, Healthy skin and hair. Our supplements ensure that you get the EPA and DHA that your body needs.
  • WHY SUPPLEMENT WITH OMEGA-3 EPA-DHA? Many people who consume a Western diet do not get the Omega 3′s EPA and DHA that their body needs to operate correctly. Our supplement is a simple, inexpensive method to offset this deficiency without significantly altering your diet plan. Taking a quality supplement everyday is the simplest method to guarantee that you’re getting the Omega-3 that your body needs to operate.