Monster High Secret Creepers Pets: Sweet Fang


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Pets can be the best friends and the best secret keepers The pets of the core Monster High ghouls have come to unlife to keep your secrets Each pet has a creepy cool secret keeping feature pop open its head to reveal a voice recording brain When the leash is on use the recording mechanism to store a secret then unleash to lock and keep your secret safe The creature specific collar also doubles as a bracelet for the girl so it s easy to carry and easy to conceal not to mention spooktacularly stylish When the creeper s head is open and the leash is in press its brain to hear the stored secret or connect its paws to that of another others sold separately and press the brain to share The secret is transferred in animal speak like an uncanine like bark so it can be listened to later in private Activation is easy but security high Transfer secrets between your ghoulfriends while keeping the gossip hounds at bay Collect them all to expand your secret keeping capabilities

  • Sweet Fang – has come to life to keep your secrets!
  • Pop open Sweet Fang figures head to reveal creepy cool secret-keeping features (and a creepy cool brain)
  • Record secrets with leash in, and lock by removing
  • Leash doubles as a bracelet for the girl!
  • Transfer secrets between other pets (sold separately) by pressing the brain, then connecting their paws together