Green Tartan Collar and Lead Set, Choose Size, (Small Collar & Lead)


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Beautifully crafted White with Green and Black Tartan Pattern Dog Collar and matching lead set. Collar Adjustable to the exact size for your dog’s neck. The Lead has a padded handle for extra comfort.


SMALL COLLAR: To fit small dogs with a 25cm to 35cm (10-14 Inch) neck. Collar is 1.3cm wide (1/2 Inch).

MEDIUM COLLAR: To fit medium dogs with a 35cm to 50cm (14-20 Inch) neck. Collar is 2cm wide (3/4 Inch).

LARGE COLLAR: To fit large dogs with a 45cm to 70cm (18-28 Inch) neck. Collar is 2.5cm wide (1 Inch).


Lead: 1 meter (40 Inches) long by 2cm (3/4 Inch) wide.

Sold by Pets Playground UK

  • Small Collar: Adjustable from 25-35cm by 1.3cm wide
  • Lead: One Size, 1m by 2cm wide
  • Beautifully crafted Dog Collar and Lead set, White with Green and Black Stripes
  • Collar adjustable to the exact size for your dog’s neck. Ensuring a comfortable fit.