Baby’s Nest 1547 - [pafr] Fantasy In Velour Soft - Measures 43 x 43 cm Cushion Cover - Logo - Washable - Fantasy on front and back


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Lining for cushions - Size 43 x 43 cm - perfect for lovers and collectors of this kind of great beauty and originarietà - Ornament Fabric Machine and hand washable at low temperatures (Max 20 °C - no spin) - OEM Pack - Perfect gift. Colour co-ordinated - Synthetic Fabric and Cotton - Zip fastening and small (not from nuisance and not of note)

  • Shipped from “Italy with courier
  • Measures 43 cm x 43 CM - Material: Soft velveteen
  • Colour co-ordinated zip fastener and small (not discomfort and not known)
  • Must have for enthusiasts and collectors of this kind
  • Rev.Baby’s nest uff.: saldiamo shop